Compressor and Equipment Exhibition 2022

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Compressor and Equipment Exhibition 2022

The 2022 Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition (ComVac ASIA 2022) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 1-4, 2022!

Scope of Exhibits:

Compressed Air Technology

1.1 Air Compressor 1.2 Process Compressor 1.3 Special Compressor 1.4 Compressor Parts 1.5 Compressed Air After-treatment Equipment 1.6 Lubricating Oil and Industry Related Auxiliary Equipment

Vacuum Technology

1.1 Vacuum Pump 1.2 Vacuum Valve and Vacuum Parts 1.3 Vacuum Measuring and calibration instruments, meters and vacuum leak detection instruments 1.4 Vacuum application equipment 1.5 Vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil and vacuum engineering supporting equipment.

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