Types of high temperature bearing seals

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Types of high temperature bearing seals

There are two ways to seal high temperature bearings: self-sealing and external sealing. The external seal mainly adopts a combination of labyrinth and contact design. The more levels of the labyrinth, the smaller the gap, the better the sealing effect. The clearance of the labyrinth is 0.6-1.5mm in the radial direction and 4-6mm in the axial direction according to the size of the bearing.

Two types of high temperature bearing seals
Contact metal-cased oil seal:
It is widely used in rolling mills, and can be used in parallel in two or three in order to increase the effect. The oil seal is directional and cannot be installed backwards. The hot rolling mill is generally equipped with two oil seals, and the lips of the two oil seals should face the outside of the bearing housing to prevent the infiltration of external dirt. Cold strip mills are generally equipped with three oil seals, and one oil seal lip close to the bearing should be inward to prevent grease overflow from affecting the quality of the rolled material. Be careful when using the oil seal to avoid damaging the lip when installing the roller, which will affect the sealing effect.

RBR type sealing ring:
RBR is a special rubber lip seal ring for rolling mill bearings. It adopts an axial sealing method. Its lip is attached to the base surface of the gland and is not affected by the roll runout. The old grease inside the bearing can overflow, and the external cooling Water, iron oxide scale and impurities are prevented from entering by the lip, which has a good sealing effect. Moreover, it is easy to use, and the rolls are installed in the bearing housing without any influence when changing the rolls.

When installing, apply lubricating grease to the sealing lip to avoid dry friction and prolong the service life.

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