Auto Oil Seals Series

Including Gear oil seal,Valve stem seal,Gearbox oil seal,wheel oil seal,Crankshaft oil seal,power steering oil seal,power steering seal kits,air conditioning compressor seal,AP Seals,Automotive engine rotary seals,automotive transmission seals, Auto Transmission Gearbox Oil Ring,etc.Gearbox oil ring

Gearbox oil ring,also called Teflon oil ring, is the key components in the gearbox transition.
Electromagnetic valve is used to control the transmission oil (equivalent to hydraulic oil )to drive the implementation of components,such as slide valve, therefore automatic transmission can change the speed ratio to achieve the purpose of speed changing.By sealing and isolating the gearbox oil in different pressure areas,the gearbox oil ring can ensure the accurate motion of slide valve.

Gearbox Applications is harsh,heavy loads,high temperature and high pressure,our oil ring can perfectly meet the requirement.

Used in AT,CVT,DSG form automobile gearbox slide valve box,slide block, electromagnetic valve.

800 kinds of gearbox oil rings can meet the most gearbox Applications in the market.Combined with other components in a loading package or repair package can be perfectly used for OEM and customer service applications.