FEP manufacturing process

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FEP manufacturing process

FEP manufacturing process

FEP has better processing performance. The following is what needs to be prepared before extrusion of FEP pipe:

1) Feeding: Before FEP extrusion, pre-bake at 120℃ for about 3h.

2) Conductive core preheating: In order to ensure the uniform temperature inside and outside the extruded FEP insulation layer, the conductive core should be preheated to 300-350℃.

3) Temperature distribution of the extruder: Generally, the temperature distribution of the extruder from 280°C (feeding port) to 380°C (head) rises linearly;

4) The stretch ratio of the die sleeve: should be selected in the range of 50-200.

5) Screw speed: After adjusting the screw speed in cooperation with the temperature, do not change frequently during the FEP resin extrusion process, and adjust it slightly if necessary.

6) Mold die mouth insulation: The insulation area should cover the entire stretching area, and the insulation temperature should be 350-380°C to avoid the formation of stress due to the sudden cooling of the surface of the FEP cone before it is formed, which will lead to insulation cracking.

The product forms before FEP resin processing and molding are:

1. Pellets, used for extrusion molding and injection molding;

2. Dispersion liquid, used for dipping and coating;

3. Powder material, used for electrostatic spraying.

Below we mainly understand several molding processing methods of FEP.

1. Melt extrusion molding

2. Compression molding: heating, pressurizing and plasticizing; cooling, pressurizing to shape

3. Blow molding

4. Vacuum forming

5. Injection molding

6. Coating processing

7. Electrostatic spraying

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