What is 56Si7 material and 56si7 material composition

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What is 56Si7 material and 56si7 material composition

56Si7 carbon steel sheet, 56Si7 carbon steel round bar, 56Si7 carbon steel strip

Material number: 1.5026

Grade: 56Si7

Standard: EN 10132-4: 2000

Features and applications:

56Si7 material, German grade special steel.

Chemical composition:

Carbon C: 0.52 – 0.6

Silicon Si: 1.6 – 2

Manganese Mn: 0.6 – 0.9

Nickel Ni: 0.4

Phosphorus P: 0.025

Sulfur S: 0.025

Chromium Cr: 0.4

Molybdenum Mo: 0.1 “


[56Si7 steel material name]: carbon steel, high temperature alloy, precision alloy, carbon steel, cold heading steel, die steel, bearing steel, combined steel, free cutting steel, spring steel, automotive steel

[56Si7 steel material specifications]: thickness 0.5-300mm, the whole board specifications: 1220 * 2440mm, 1250mm * 2500mm, special specifications can be customized!

[56Si7 steel implementation standards]: domestic GB/T, American standard ASTM, Japanese standard JIS, German standard DIN

[Physical properties of 56Si7 steel]: tensile strength, elastic modulus, plasticity, impact toughness, cold brittleness, hardness, cold bending performance, weldability, heat treatment, cold working and aging

[56Si7 steel material origin]: domestic and imported.

[56Si7 steel market]: various industries

[56Si7 steel application field]: manufacturing machinery and equipment, various tools, simple mechanical connecting rods, gears, couplings, pins and other parts

[56Si7 steel minimum order quantity]: unlimited ordering

[56Si7 steel processing service]: provide slitting, shearing, etc.

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