PTFE gasket application

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PTFE gasket application

PTFE gasket application

PTFE gaskets have been widely used as sealing materials and filling materials. PTFE gaskets are flat gaskets, V-shaped gaskets, piston rings, ball valve gaskets, etc., which are mechanically turned or cut from PTFE rods, tubes, and plates. In fluid machinery (such as pumps, compressors, mixing kettles, centrifuges, etc.), the parts with the most severe operating conditions are PTFE gaskets.

Manufacturers of PTFE products use PTFE gaskets as engineering plastics, which can be made into PTFE tubes, rods, belts, plates, films, etc. It is generally used in fields such as pipelines, containers, radars, and high-frequency communication equipment with high performance requirements. The use conditions of PTFE are in the chemical industry, petrochemical, oil refining, gas, organic synthesis, non-ferrous smelting, steel and high-purity product production.

PTFE gasket processing method

Generally speaking, the specification of PTFE gasket is inner diameter + outer diameter + thickness, and there are the following processing methods:
1. Through the production of PTFE pipes, turning and processing into a certain thickness of gaskets, suitable for small sizes and small batches.
2. It is cut from a certain thickness of PTFE sheet, suitable for large, medium and small sizes and small batches.

3. It is molded by a mold, suitable for large, medium and small sizes and large quantities.

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