RBR seal

Prevent water,dust, powder, iron
Size:please request
Custom RBR v ring available
Product description: Steel mill, thermal power plant, dome valve power plant industry sealing ring RBR



RBR V ring axial seal is designed for rolling mill bearings,has good sealing effect.
Its lip is attached to the base surface of the gland and is not affected by the roll run out. The old grease inside the bearing can overflow, and the external grease can overflow. Cooling water, iron oxide scale and impurities are prevented from entering by the lip, which has a good sealing effect. Moreover, it is easy to use, and the rolls are installed in the bearing housing without any influence when changing the rolls.
When installing, apply lubricating grease to the sealing lip to avoid dry friction and prolong the service life.

Technical data:
Working temperature:
Line speed: up to 17m/s

Working application:

rolling mill bearings in steel mill,thermal power plant,dome valve power plant and so on.

RBR v seal sizes:

Part number Applicable bearing number
RBR-18 FC672718
RBR-20 FC672720
RBR-22 FC672722
RBR-24 FC672724
RBR-28 FC672728
RBR-30 FC672730
RBR-32 FC672732
RBR-34 FC672734
RBR-36 FC672736
RBR-38 FC672738
RBR-40 FC672740
RBR-42 FC672742
RBR-44 FC672744
RBR-46 FC672746
RBR-48 FC672748
RBR-50 FC672750
RBR-52 FC672752
RBR-54 FC672754
RBR-56 FC672756
RBR-58 FC672758
RBR-60 FC672760
RBR-64 FC672764
RBR-68 FC672768
RBR-70 FC672770
RBR-72 FC672772
RBR-74 FC672774
RBR-76 FC672776
RBR-80 FC672780
RBR-84 FC672784
RBR-88 FC672788
RBR-92 FC672792
RBR-96 FC672796
RBR-100 FC6727100

If the sizes you need not listed,please ask us.

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