PEEK Seals

High temperature resistance
wear resistant
Custom PEEK seal available
Product description: Add glass fiber or carbon fiber filter can resist up to 316 ° C


PEEK material is a semi-crystalline aromatic plastic engineering plastic with excellent physical and mechanical properties. It can replace traditional materials such as metals and ceramics in many special fields, and has made outstanding contributions to reducing quality and improving performance.

PEEK material has outstanding high temperature and heat resistance, which can be used for a long time at 260℃, and the instantaneous use temperature can reach 300℃;
It has high rigidity, dimensional stability, and low linear expansion coefficient, which is close to metal aluminum materials;

PEEK material has good chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and almost all organic solvents, and has flame retardant and radiation resistance properties;
PEEK material has excellent resistance to sliding wear and fretting wear loss, especially it can maintain high wear resistance and low friction factor at 250 ℃; in addition, PEEK material is easy to extrude and injection molding. With these excellent comprehensive properties, PEEK materials have a wide range of applications in aerospace, machinery, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, rail transit and other fields.

PEEK seal material and types:
BOSS Sealing Solutions is a professional PEEK seal expert on designing and manufacturing different PEEK seals to meet various requirement of client.
Peek material: Pure PEEK, carbon fiber filled PEEK,PTFE filled PEEK,Glass fiber filled PEEK
PEEK seal types: PEEK back-up rings,spring energized PEEK jacket seals, PEEK oil seals,etc.

PEEK seal typical working application:
1) Metallurgical industry equipment, such as coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, etc.;
2) Casting, forging and heat treatment equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry;
3) Ceramic, glass, enamel, brick and tile equipment;
4) Thermal power plants and boilers on ships, etc.

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