Cam groove PTFE envelope gasket

Custom material availabale
Custom size available


Comparing with pure rubber gasket, PTFE envelope nitrile rubber gasket has good chemical resistance,can work in various chemical solvent, no expansion, long service life.


Size PTFE envelope nitrile rubber filter PTFE envelope FKM filter
1/2″ 50-G-TF 50-G-TFVI
3/4″ 75-G-TF 75-G-TFVI
1″ 100-G-TF 100-G-TFVI
1-4/2″ 125-G-TF 125-G-TFVI
1-1/2″ 150-G-TF 150-G-TFVI
2″ 200-G-TF 200-G-TFVI
2-1/2″ 250-G-TF 250-G-TFVI
3″ 300-G-TF 300-G-TFVI
4″ 400-G-TF 400-G-TFVI
5″ 500-G-TF 500-G-TFVI
6″ 600-G-TF 600-G-TFVI

Sizes not listed,please request.

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