Encapsulated FKM O-Ring

Encapsulated o ring
FEP encapsulated o ring
PFA encapsulated o ring
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BOSS Sealing encapsulated seals was mainly designed to solve the sealing problem under extremely chemical and temperature conditions wherever the chemical resistance of normal elastomer o-rings is not sufficient.
Encapsulated seals has both of the good properties of FEP or PFA and the rubber elastomer.It has good chemical resistance and very flexible as well,this unique combinations makes a quite good sealing effect.

Technical Data

Media: Most liquids,gaseous and chemicals
Operating temperature:
VMQ: from -60℃ to +200 ℃
FKM/FPM: from -20℃ to +200 ℃
Application:Static,slow switching and rotary movement
Pressure: Up to 25m/s

Standard Material Choosing:

FEP(FLuorinated ethylene propylene)
◎Uppermost temperature: 205℃; ◎Excellent chemical resistance;
◎No stick-slip effect; ◎Not absorb water.

◎Uppermost temperature: 260℃; ◎Excellent chemical resistance;
◎No stick-slip effect; ◎Not absorb water;

FKM(Fluorocarbon Rubber)
◎Temperature range: from -20℃ to +200℃;
◎Non-flammability, low gas permeability;
◎Excellent resistance to ozone, weathering and aging.

VMQ (Silicone Rubber)
◎Temperature range: from -60℃ to +200℃;
◎Excellent heat resistance,cold flexibility,dielectric properties;
◎Especially good resistance to weather, ozone and UV rays;
◎Red and white color available.

◎FEP encapsulated VMQ o-ring;

◎FEP encapsulated FKM o-ring;
◎PFA encapsulated VMQ o-ring;

◎PFA encapsulated FKM o-ring.

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