PCTFE Application

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PCTFE Application

Some typical application as below:

1. Polychlorotrifluoroethylene paint

PCTFE coating has excellent chemical anti-corrosion properties, and can be coated on the surface of metals and other materials that do not break when the coating is plasticized, quenched and quenched. PCTFE coating can be sprayed by suspension, dipped, brushed or electrostatic sprayed. According to the shape and structure of the painted part, different coating processes can be selected, first coating and then sintering. It can be applied to reaction tanks, storage tanks, reaction towers, pipes, various containers, blowers, drums, etc.

2. Corrosion-resistant pumps and valves

Centrifugal pumps and hydraulic pumps manufactured by PCTFE have excellent corrosion resistance, and can be used to transport various strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidants and other corrosive media without solid particles and at any concentration with a temperature not higher than 100°C, especially It is used to transport hydrofluoric acid and can best exert its excellent performance, which is inferior to general rubber-lined pumps, stainless steel, glass, and chlorinated polyether pumps. PCTFE has been widely used in the production of anti-corrosion valves (ball valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, etc.).

3. Packaging materials (PCTFE film)

4. Cable Covering Material

5. PCTFE has excellent low temperature resistance and can be used to make sealing materials for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid fuel; using the mechanical stability and excellent optical properties of PCTFE, it can be used to make threaded pipes, pipe fittings and transparent mirrors , Optical instruments, etc.; its excellent electrical properties can be used to make plug-ins and printed circuit boards used in humid environments; it can also be used to make chlorofluorocarbon oils, etc.

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