How much high temperature can polyurethane withstand?

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How much high temperature can polyurethane withstand?

How much high temperature can polyurethane withstand
Polyurethane is a polymer material mainly polymerized from diisocyanates, chain extenders, and oligomer polyols, which has the comprehensive properties of rubber and plastic. It has excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and good adhesion. However, its usage temperature generally does not exceed 80 ℃. Materials above 100 ℃ will soften and deform, and its mechanical properties are significantly weakened. The short-term usage temperature does not exceed 120 ℃

Due to the good thermal stability of ester groups and the easy oxidation of hydrogen on the carbon atoms of ether groups, polyester based polyurethane has better heat resistance than polyether based polyurethane. The polyurethane prepared from polyester has little effect on its thermal properties due to the different types of polyester.

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