PA Nylon backup ring
Seal kit
construction machinery
spare part
Product description: N4W,BACK UP RING FOR MOBILE HYDRAULICS,SEAL KIT,Nylon PA gasket


N4W is especially designed for SPGO as its back-up ring,It can minimize the problem of seal failure caused by excessive seal clearance.

N4W dimensions:

N4W 70*65*2.5
N4W 90*85*2.5
N4W 95*90*2.5
N4W 100*95*2.5
N4W 105*100*2.5
N4W 110*104*3
N4W 115*109*3
N4W 120*114*3
N4W 125*119*3
N4W 130*124*3
N4W 135*129*3
N4W 140*134*3
N4W 145*139*3
N4W 150*144*3
N4W 160*154*3
N4W 170*164*3
N4W 180*174*3


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