MC buffer seal

Pneumatic cushion seal
NBR rubber


PS016 MC buffer seal is a cushioning seal specially designed for the pneumatic cylinder. Its design has the following advantages:
1. It acts as a check valve in the whole sealing system, so that it is no longer necessary to add other check valves to the system;
2 Automatically selected buffer stroke;
3. Even in the case of slight eccentricity, it has good cushioning
effect because it can be automatically centered;
4. Because it has two independent sealing systems (movable sealing
lip and Axial sealing area), thus increasing the reliability of the system;
5. Easy to install.

Material: NBR
Working environment

Temperature: -20 ° C – +100 ° C

Medium: Oil-lubricated air as well as dry air and oil-free air (primary lubrication required for assembly).

Pressure: 1.6 ≤ MPa



Part no.dDHD1D2D3L
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