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Rotary Oil Seals

  • SA Oil Seal
  • SA Oil Seal
SA Oil Seal SA Oil Seal

SA Oil Seal

  • SA type oil seal
  • Double metal case
  • NBR FKM elastomer
  • High pressure resistance
  • Product description: spring loaded double metal cased oil seal

SA type oil sealis adouble metal cased oil seal with a relatively large cross-section and a stainless steel spring-loaded elastomer inner lip.

Standard lip material:

NBR: Temperature -10℃/ +100℃

FKM: Temperature -20℃/ +200℃

Shaft surface speed: up to 16.3 m/s, depending on pressure

Maximum pressure: <0.48bar, depending on the shaft speed

Typical application:

Commonly used in motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, rolling mills, etc.

Customized SA oil seal or other type metal cased seals are welcomed.

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