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2019 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition on pumps, valves and pipes

2019 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition on pumps, valves and pipes

Time: April 22-24, 2019 Exhibition Hall: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizational unit: China Machinery Manufacturing Industry Association
Supporting unit: China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association China Chemical Energy Conservation Technology Association
           China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute Jiangsu Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute
National Pressure Pipe Component Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
Organizer: Shanghai Hao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Exhibition introduction
    With the advancement of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, the environmental protection field has become a key area for future participation of enterprises, and the development of pumps and valves has also received strong support from the state. With the intensification of environmental pollution, the concept of green environmental protection has become more and more popular. Coupled with the depletion of non-renewable energy, clean new energy is bound to replace traditional petrochemical energy. In order to ensure China's energy security and economic sustainable development, energy conservation and emission reduction and new energy industry development will present a new trend of green environmental protection. Affected by this, the future development of the pump and valve industry will inevitably step into the ranks of green and environmental protection! For the pump and valve industry, because its raw materials are mainly non-renewable resources such as steel, the policy-oriented environmental protection and energy-saving policy has been promoted. Through the collection of relevant information and further understanding of the pump and valve industry today, it has begun to reach the core of industry policy. Production companies should actively face market challenges, focus on high-tech investment, and further adjust products according to market demand.
In order to cope with the challenges and opportunities of industrial development, solve the new problems and new tests currently faced, strengthen the exchange, cooperation and integration between manufacturing enterprises and user industries, and enhance the influence and radiation surface of the pump and valve industry at home and abroad, 2019 China (Shanghai) International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from April 22nd to 24th, 2019, to build a mutual exchange for pump and valve companies, scientific research institutions, manufacturing companies and spectators at home and abroad. A platform for engagement, mutual communication, and mutual cooperation.
The exhibition is expected to attract more than 800 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. The professional audience is expected to be 30,000 people, with a new concept to provide exhibitors with a "high standard, high quality, high quality" display exchange stage, to create the industry's largest, most valuable and most authoritative event. This exhibition is looking forward to your participation!
Schedule: Reporting Exhibition: April 20-21, 2019 Opening Ceremony: April 22, 2019 9:30
Exhibition: April 22-24, 2019 Withdrawal: April 24, 2019, afternoon
Exhibition scope:
◆Pump: Piston pump Piston pump Diaphragm pump Roots pump Gear pump Screw pump Slide pump Rotor pump Axial pump Vortex pump Mixed flow pump Jet pump Liquid pump Chemical pump Oil pump Sanitary pump Vacuum pump Fire pump Air conditioning pump Sewage pump Sprinkler pump Metering pump Emulsifying pump dosing pump corrosion-resistant pump (special) centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, positive displacement pump, impurity pump and other pump accessories;
◆Valves: ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, drain valve, trap, check valve, throttle valve, plunger valve, solenoid valve, globe valve; plug valve, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, safety valve, diaphragm valve, ceramic Valves, bleed valves, hose valves, angle valves, automatic valves, hybrid actuators (actuators), and drive units;
◆ Valve accessories: valve body, valve seat, valve cover, valve yoke, valve core, bolt, nut, gasket, flange, packing, sealing ring, valve position transmitter and valve pressure test device, valve grinding machine, etc.;
◆Pipeline: stainless steel pipe, glass steel pipe, metal pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, composite pipe, water supply and drainage pipe, liquid conveying pipe, gas conveying pipe, pulp powder conveying pipe, pipeline anti-corrosion technology equipment, pipe welding equipment, pipeline testing equipment and technology Wait;
◆ Actuator: electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, gas-liquid actuator, electro-hydraulic actuator, etc.;
◆Sealings: various pipe fittings, pump valve sealing and anti-corrosion, packing sealing, various testing and cleaning equipment;
◆ Process industry: compressors, pumps, valves, pipes, flow meters, fans, vacuum equipment, instrumentation, pneumatic components, sensors, transmitters, actuators, joints, sealing materials, welding and cutting equipment, fluid conveying equipment and storage Systems, fluid transmission and control systems, fluid seals, fluid handling, fluid measurement and control systems, water treatment equipment, etc.;



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