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Industry Applications

BOSS Sealing Solutions seal rings are widely used in abroad areas,such as:

Mobile Hydraulic Applications:

Excavators,Agricultural Equipment,Aerial Man Lifts,Material Handling / Fork Lifts,Earth Moving Wheel Loaders / Bulldozers / Backhoes,Skid Steers,Mining Truck Struts / Shocks...

Industrial Hydraulic Applications:

General Purpose: Environmentally Friendly Fluid –Water-Based – Cylinders

Power Generation

Pneumatic Cylinders:Pneumatic rod seal,pneumatic piston seal,pneumatic wiper seal

Auto Cars:Including Valve stem seal,Gearbox oil seal,wheel oil seal,Crankshaft oil seal,power steering oil seal,power steering seal kits,air conditioning compressor seal,AP Seals,Automotive engine rotary seals,automotive transmission seals, Auto Transmission Gearbox Oil Ring,etc.

Oil&Gas industry.

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